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Extra Life Stream and 50th Character Announcement!

Published on November 1, 2019 by in SlugNews

You’ve probably seen our previous post about our partnership in support of Extra Life, but now we’re joining in and planning a stream of our own to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! We’re raising money for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals this year, and you can help us reach our goals.

Next weekend on November 9th, from Noon PST until 6pm PST, we’ll be livestreaming on Twitch to encourage donations to Extra Life! We’ll also be giving away copies of the Water of Life promo card, and raffling other sweet, to-be-revealed prizes.

We’ll be playing games, chatting with guests, answering questions, and telling a few ripping yarns about SlugFest Games’ history, so join in on the fun!

You can watch the stream on our Twitch channel.

We’ve got one more piece of good news – we’re getting ready to announce the 50th Red Dragon Inn character! Who are they? What are they? We’ll be revealing the identity of the 50th character at 5pm PST, 8pm EST on November 9th, LIVE on our stream!

So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and please join us on Twitch to be among the first to know who will be the next visitor to the tavern.

Piper vs Ripsnarl – Now on Kickstarter!

It’s time for two new characters to join our party in The Red Dragon Inn!

Piper, Eagle-Eyed Sniper is a brilliant marksman who can hit any target with ease. Her mortal enemy Ripsnarl is a literal party animal. Together, they are a product that you can back on Kickstarter!

Piper has a side deck of hilarious arrows that allow her to (once in a while) combo off, Legolas-style, showing her opponents what it means to be on the bad side of such an excellent archer.

Ripsnarl’s deck includes cards that have a different effect whether he is in his human form or his werewolf form. His werewolf form tends to cause more damage to his opponents, but when he is a human he builds up Fury, allowing him a damage bonus when he becomes a werewolf again. And, of course, Ripsnarl is a villain, so he has extra cards to add to his deck during a Boss Battle!

The Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels for the casual fan, the hardcore collector, and even the total Red Dragon Inn newbie! So head over to Kickstarter and back the project today!

SlugFest Games Teams Up with Extra Life!

Published on July 22, 2019 by in Uncategorized

We’re excited to announce a collaboration we’ve been working on with Extra Life, an organization you may already know about that unites thousands of players around the world to host fundraising and gaming marathons in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

For years now, we’ve been supporting streamers who reached out to us for help with their Extra Life events. We’re always pleased to see just how many of our fans are putting in the work to support their favorite charities, and we’re grateful that those fans invite us to be a part of that!

This year, we’re offering copies of a special promo card to Extra Life streamers to help make their events more exciting for participants – the Water of Life! Copies of this card will be given away by the streamers to viewers of their livestreams as a big ‘THANK YOU’ for supporting their fundraising efforts.

If you want to take part in Extra Life this year, you should go here to register and here to connect with others and learn more about streaming your favorite games in support of Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Extra Life’s community resources hold a vast wealth of tips and best practices for making your stream fun to run, fun to watch, safe, AND successful!

If you’re playing The Red Dragon Inn during your Extra Life event, please reach out to us at and we’ll send you some copies of Water of Life to give away to your stream’s viewers and donors! We’ll need your name and address, a description of your livestream plans, and a link to your fundraising page.

Not interested in running a livestream for Extra Life? Want a copy of Water of Life for your very own? Keep an eye out for streams run by board gamers, watch their content, spread the word, and of course, donate to your favorite Extra Life streams for the kids!

We’ll be giving shout-outs to Extra Life streamers who participate, so keep an eye on our Twitter and our Facebook calendar!

Kung Fu Fighting is Back!

Published on June 19, 2019 by in Uncategorized

We’ve had occasional requests over the years to reprint our first game, Kung Fu Fighting. This game has long been a fan favorite, thanks to its fun flavor and super-simple game play. For a long time, there wasn’t enough demand to go to our manufacturer and make a whole new print run.

But now we have two important new developments in the games industry: Kickstarter and DriveThruCards. The combination of the two means that we can reprint old classics with relatively low risk. So that’s what we’re doing!

You can back our new project right now on Kickstarter. If you do, you are guaranteed a copy of the game, which includes all content from both Kung Fu Fighting and the More Kung Fu Fighting expansion. If we raise less than $30,000, everyone will get a simple (but high-quality) version of the game from our friends at DriveThruCards. If we hit our $30k stretch goal, we will instead send every backer a boxed edition of the game done via our normal manufacturing process rather than print on demand. Either way, you get a classic game (and its expansion!) at a great price.

So back now! And tell your friends – Kung Fu Fighting is back!

Only a Couple Weeks Left to Get the RDI Smorgasbox!

Published on March 6, 2019 by in Uncategorized

The Kickstarter Campaign for The Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox ends on March 21st. This expansion has a little something for everyone, but the most important thing you don’t want to miss is the Collector’s Edition pledge level. This pledge level is your one shot at getting the latest expansion in it’s exciting super-box, perfect for the RDI fan who’s already maxed out their Character Trove and wants to have storage room to spare for a good long while.

But one big box is not all that comes with the game! All pledge levels are positively loaded with content fans have been requesting, including Roxana, a brand new character for both The Red Dragon Inn and Battle for Greyport, the long awaited reprint of Gambling? I’m in! with brand new art and games, new faction decks for our mechanical friend Otto, metal token upgrades for the Lich King’s fingers, Promo Drinks, Prizes, and more!

If you would like to learn more, check out these Updates to the campaign that have been dropping since launch:

We have even more in store over the next couple weeks. Remember, the campaign ends March 21st and it will be your one opportunity to get that sweet Collector’s Edition upgrade. So head on over to the campaign and lock in your copy today!

The Smorgasbox Launches Feb. 20th!

Roxana, the adventurous chef, joins the party at The Red Dragon Inn in our next expansion, and she’s bringing with her a little something for everyone!

The Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox is a brand new product and love letter to the folks who’ve been with us all these years. The expansion is positively loaded with content fans have been requesting, including Roxana, a brand new character for both The Red Dragon Inn and Battle for Greyport, the long awaited reprint of Gambling? I’m in! with brand new art, new faction decks for our mechanical friend Otto, metal token upgrades for the Lich King’s fingers, Promo Drinks, Prizes, and more!

Of course, we know what you are asking: “Adventurous chef? What is that?”  Not only is Roxana the head chef of The Red Dragon Inn, she is also no stranger to experimentation in the kitchen, preparing such ambitious dishes as Spatchcocked Cockatrice and Fire Salamander Flambé.

She also knows how to hold her own in a tavern full of adventurers, where things can get rather dangerous at a moment’s notice! We like to think of Roxana as the fifth member of the Tavern Crew from RDI 7, but she’s an excellent addition to the party even if you happen to have skipped the Tavern Crew set from last year. After the campaign launches, we’ll share more information about Roxana, where we’ll give details about how she actually gets to work with that cleaver.

Her skill at handling hazardous situations doesn’t end in the kitchen or mead hall. She’s also adept at taking a chop at monsters! Not only will you be able to add Roxana to your game of RDI, but a full Battle for Greyport starting deck for the new character is included as well! She’ll be cashing in those premium meals for some quality ingredients as she chops her way to success.

But as we said before, the Smorgasbox has a little something for everyone. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out the Campaign Page on Kickstarter and get the details about all of the cool stuff being brought to the set, especially the two new storage box options we have in store for you. The Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox launches on Kickstarter February 20th.

En Garde Reforged Available Now!

En Garde Reforged is now available on DriveThruCards! This modern reboot of the SFG classic was made possible by our fans on Kickstarter.

You play as an impeccably-dressed Renaissance-era duelist with a score to settle. Vanquish your opponents with powerful attacks and avoid your enemies’ attacks with your expert skill. Should you find yourself becoming unkempt and fatigued, pick up a second sword or a buckler to regain the upper hand. If things get really bad, you could always pull out your pistol… That would even the odds! When the battle has ended, will you be the last one standing, or will your second have to drag you off the field?

En Garde Reforged is a cinematic action card game for 2-6 players, mixing daring sword fighting with strategic hand management elements. We have revamped the design of the cards from our old 2005 version of the game, enhancing the play with even more daring do. If you are interested in learning more, check out these two updates from the Kickstarter Campaign:

  • How to Duel – Where we break down the card types and mechanics as well as feature a fancy, animated example of play!
  • En Garde Reforged – Where we talk about the new design choices and how we approached modernizing the mechanics.

So if your a long-time fan who was desperate to relive a classic, or a brand new player looking for a fast and dirty sword fight straight out of Robin Hood, the wait is over! Order your copy today!

GII Design Contest Winners!

Published on January 31, 2019 by in SlugNews

Back in June we announced a game design contest in anticipation of our upcoming re-release of our Gambling? I’m In! title. We are happy to announce the winner of that contest: Dragon Hunt, by David DeLauder!

Here’s David with his trusty Character Trove!

Dragon Hunt follows in a long line of GII games that take the simple form of “get a hand, exchange some cards, do a few betting rounds, then show hands and see who wins”. What makes this game fun and interesting, however, is that you’re hunting a dragon, but you don’t actually know what kind of dragon (i.e. color) you’re hunting until partway through the game!

The main ways you score points are with cards matching the dragon’s color, and with “rank diversity”. In other words, a hand with many different ranks is much better than a hand of all rogues (or even all warriors, for that matter!) Several variants are also available to tweak scoring and change the incentives around a bit.

This game is easy to learn, flavorful and fun, so we’re very happy to award our top prize ($300 and a copy of the upcoming game) to David. Congratulations!

We also have two honorable mentions: Rank and Class by Jay Anderson, and Streets of Greyport by Todd Christopherson.

Jay Anderson, creator of Rank and Class

Rank and Class is a Rogues and Warriors variant that kinda made us smack our foreheads and go “of course! Why didn’t we think of that?” Normally in Rogues and Warriors, you get two cards and the best hand wins. Easy peasy. In Rank and Class, everything works the same, with one critical difference. Instead of looking only at your own cards, you are dealt two cards – one of which only you can see, and the other of which only everyone else can see. In other words, you get two cards and look at one of them, but you hold the other one up to your forehead so you can’t see it, but everyone else can.

Turns out, this small change makes the game quite different and super interesting! Thanks, Jay!





Todd Christopherson, creator of Streets of Greyport

Finally we have Streets of Greyport by Todd Christopherson. In this game, you’re loading up your cart with various kinds of goods (cards), and are pressing your luck, getting as many cards of the same color as you can into your cart before hitting three rogues. You then move cards to your warehouse, and the player with the most total rank points in their warehouse at the end of the game is the winner! This game caught our attention because it was quite different from any existing GII games, so we’re happy to give it the accolades it deserves.

Jay and Todd will receive $100 and a copy of the upcoming game as well. And if you’ve read this far, you’ve probably noticed that I keep saying “the upcoming game”. Well, there will be an announcement about that product in the next couple of weeks, but I can say that the product isn’t just a reprint of GII. It’s bigger than that. Physically bigger, in fact…

Season Five is Live!

Published on January 11, 2019 by in SlugCrew, SlugNews

For everyone who’s been waiting for the next update to our Red Dragon Inn Organized Play program, it’s available now! We’ve updated the winner’s pins again, included new promos and swapped out the swag. Let your Friendly Local Game Store know – you want to play Red Dragon Inn tournaments!


Organized Play is your opportunity to prove that you’re a tavern brawling expert in Red Dragon Inn Tournaments! These tournaments are hosted by Tournament Organizers at your local game store, giving fans of RDI a friendly place to compete for fabulous prizes.

We’ve continued to update and refine what we include in the kits, and we’re excited to share this season’s stuff with you.


The Season 5 OP Kit includes enough material to run two tournaments with the following prizes:

  • 6 copies of the Premium Promo: Berserker Brew (3 for each tournament)
  • 40 copies of the Participation Promo: Malt of Invention (20 for each tournament)
  • 2 Season 5 Winner pins awarded to the champion of each tournament
  • 2 Wild Card Prizes; 1 RDI Logo vinyl sticker and 1 Prize Bin Marker (1 for each tournament)

Continuing with our past policy, we are offering OP Season 4 Catch-up Kits with enough copies of Celebration Shochu and Future Brew so you can run a third tournament. These Catch-up Kits are only $5 when your store orders one with a Season 5 kit. Catch-up Kits are only available when ordered directly from our webpage.


Who doesn’t like awesome swag and supporting local business? If you’re stoked to see more promo cards and swag like this then reach out to your Friendly Local Game Store and let them know you want Organized Play!

We are also excited to hear about your experience. So make sure you bring your friends, have a good time and share what you did with us on Facebook or Twitter!


OP Kits are for you to promote your store and our games. We want you to be successful because you are responsible for the bulk of our income! Keep up the good work and share an exciting program with your customers.

Each kit comes with enough material for two events. We tried our best to price them economically and want all the feedback you can give us about the kits and the program. You can send feedback to us at:


We are going to need you for Season 5 as well! Storefronts will need dedicated RDI fans to run these events. Organized Play will offer you a chance to earn points toward your SlugCrew Rewards, as well as the opportunity to earn these new promos! We will be relying on the feedback of tournament organizers like you to continue improving the program. When you submit event reports, feel free to include any feedback you might have for us!

You can get all of the documentation ahead of time on the Organized Play Page of our website. Brief yourselves on the rules and regulations, and then get out there and let your FLGS know you want to run events!

The 2019 SlugCrew Rewards!

Published on January 4, 2019 by in Uncategorized

Happy New Year SlugFans!

As we launch into another year of gaming, it’s time to share 2019’s exciting new rewards for the SlugCrew program!

SlugCrew is our international team of gamers who demo, run tournaments and share their love of SlugFest Games with others. By running events at game stores and conventions, SlugCrew members earn special rewards like promo cards for The Red Dragon Inn as well as pre-release versions of upcoming Character Decks. Ozrik, Wrench, Keet, Adonis and Murgath have all been pre-released to SlugCrew over the life of the program.

Long story short: play the games you love, tell us about it, and we send you cool stuff!

We have three brand new promo drinks for 2019’s SlugCrew Minor Reward. Oozing with new mechanics introduced by RDI7 and The Wench, we have two new Elixirs, potent drinks with persistent effects and another brew from one of Chronos’ timelines. To play with promo drinks, just shuffle a few into your normal Drink Deck.


You can earn these drinks by getting 30 SlugCrew points (or about 6 hours worth of demoing). SlugCrew who earn 150 points or more will get our Major Reward, a brand new pre-release character deck: Piper, the Eagle-Eyed Sniper!

After helping our heroes save the town in the Battle for Greyport, Piper, the Eagle-Eyed Sniper, has proven herself worthy of a spot at the table. The veteran ranger and bounty hunter joins the party at The Red Dragon Inn, and finally adds an Archer to the roster (something our fans have been asking for for ages)!

Piper is based on one of the Honorable Mention winners from the Character Design Contest, Hunter the Hunter. Hunter introduced the idea of novelty arrows and a quiver deck to the game. He was the last character remaining to be introduced to the game, and as soon as we received the artwork for the Eagle-Eyed Sniper for BFG we knew who our archer was going to be!

Piper has a side deck, called the Quiver, which contains multiple, unique trick arrows. These cards have all the card subtypes you know and love, and offer her a number of fancy options throughout the game. At the start of her turn, instead of drawing only from her character deck, she first draws an Arrow, and then finishes drawing to a hand of 7 cards. Piper also draws Arrows when she plays a card that tells her to. In this way she can hoard Arrow cards in her hand until she decides it’s time to blot out the sun and make it rain!

On her turn, Piper can either play an Action card as normal, or play an Arrow card, If she plays an Arrow card, after it resolves she may play another, and another, and another, and another… essentially firing every arrow she has drawn up to that point in the game!

However, blowing through your Arrows in quick succession could run you out of ammo real quick. Unlike all other side decks released so far, Piper’s Quiver does not reshuffle when it’s exhausted. Once Piper is out of Arrows, she can no longer draw them! She is a professional survivalist though, and can slowly refletch her arrows with a handful of signature cards. So if the game runs long, she can cherry pick the right arrow for the job at hand, whether that’s avoiding nasty drinks, catching cheaters, or lighting adventurers on fire.

Piper will be part of a later product release, but until then will only be available through the SlugCrew program. So sign up today and start earning those points!